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Large type spray gun

Lower atomizing air pressure and noise level

We have reduced air noise level during operation by about 5dB (A) by reducing atomizing air pressure (at gu n handle) by 0.05 MPa, in addition to reduction of overspray.

Improved atomization

W-200-122P is easy to spray at line painting for high atomization. New W-200-182S can be used in a side field such as automotive refinish and woodwork.

Model Previous model Type
Fluid nozzle orifice
Atomizing air pressure MPa
Air consump
Fluid output
Pattern width
High atomi
General atomi
Applied air cap model Required air compressor kW Mass g(lbs) Application
W-200-122P W-87-12G2P
Pressure 1.2 0.29
500 400
  G2P 2.2~3.7 380
Large workpieces and line painting such as large parts and vehivles
W-200-151S W-87-15K5S
Suction 1.5 200
240 210
  K1 0.75~1.5 Woodwork, furniture, metal
W-200-151S W-87-15K5G Gravity 270 220
W-200-152S W-87-15K2S
Suction 330
240 290
  K2 1.5~2.2 Automotive refinish, woodwork, furniture(finish), plastic(top coat)
W-200-152G W-87-15K2G Gravity 270 320
W-200-182S W-90-18N2S Suction 1.8 290 340
W-200-201S W-87-20R5S
Suction 2.0 260
350 260
  R1 Metal, woodwork, furniture, medium viscosity
W-200-201G W-87-20R5G Gravity 410 280
W-200-202S W-87-20R2S Suction 360
350 290
  R2 Metal, woodwork, furniture, medium viscosity
W-200-202G W-87-20R2G Gravity 410 320
W-200-251S W-87-25W5S
Suction 2.5 440 280
  W1 Metal, woodwork, furniture, anti-corrosion on steel frame, adhesives, high viscosity
W-200-251G W-87-25W5G Gravity 510 310

● All models, spray distance: 250mm
● Paint viscosity: 22 sec. (20 sec/NK-2).
● All models, fluid nipple: G3/8, air nipple: G1/4 Note)
When you spray corrosive paints in a car maker or consumer electronics line (pressure feed) with a spray gun with large fluid output at high frequency, we prepare a fluid nozzle and fluid needle set made of anti-corrosive material.

Automatic spray guns

Spray guns for mass production which are used with automatic painting equipment, reciprocators or painting robots

Extension nozzle gun

For painting internal surfaces of pipes and other hard-to-reach places.

E-spray series

We have realized a high level of safety

  • No Insulation device is required in fluid supplying route.
  • We chose Internal cascade type with a high level of safety comparing with external cascade type.